What is the TradingView screener feature?

Updated on October 17, 2023

The TradingView Screeners feature is a tool for searching for stocks and arranging them according to the parameters you are interested.

The screener feature can be found at the top of the homepage in between the ‘News’ and ‘Community’ Tabs. Hover over the Screeners tab to reveal search options. Additionally, this tab reveals heatmaps for stocks and cryptocurrency.

*The Screener can also be found on the bottom tab on a charting view.


Functionality of the Screener #

The TradingView Screener has a huge range of functionality.

Several pre-made tables that correspond with common data fields are available to view. Depending on the shares you are searching, options may include data fields based on performance, oscillators, dividend value, valuation, and trends. Even more pre-made tables exist for stock screeners.

More data points can be filtered for, according to the proclivity of the user, via the blue ‘Filters’ tab. You will find an extensive list of options under this tab for absolute control over this feature.

Screening by time period #

A key advantage of the TradingView Screener function is the option to screen by different time periods, from 1 month all the way to 1 minute. For extra user control, You will appreciate the use of true and false values for screening by bid and ask prices, among a wide list of other qualities.

Table screens can be saved for quick future access.

Heatmaps #

As mentioned above, stock and cryptocurrency heatmaps can also be found under the Screeners tab.

Heatmaps are an alternative way to visualise the information contained in the Screener tables.

Much like the Screener tables, the Heatmap visualisations allow for a ton of customisation. In the case of the Stock Heatmap, you can filter by market, market capitalisation, time period, sector,  among plenty of other categories.

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