How do I set trading alerts in TradingView?

Updated on October 17, 2023

Timing is a crucial component in the success or failure of a traders’ day. Timing is vital to stay abreast of all the pertinent information that may affect your favourite trading instruments. Luckily, TradingView’s Alert function has you covered in this respect.

In this guide, we will explore some of the ways that TradingView’s alert function can aid timely decision making.

Alerts are available to TradingView members with free or paid accounts. However, the number of alerts allowed is significantly higher for paid accounts. You will find that only one alert is allowed with TradingView’s free Basic account. Whereas, Essential, Plus, and Premium have 20, 100, and 400 alerts, respectively.

How to set alerts in TradingView? #

The alert function can be found on the right-hand toolbar via the Alarm clock icon. You can access this icon when on the homepage or within a chart. Click this icon to bring up the alert options.

To create an alert, click ‘Create alert’. Another window will pop up that allows you to select the parameters by which alerts are triggered. Depending on the instrument and condition you are interested in, additional parameters will appear in the window.

Options to receive the alert include email, webhook, application notification (on phone and computer), and SMS. You will have to confirm your phone number via email to activate the SMS alert function. Select any or all methods for notification that you require.

Monitoring your alerts, organising, pausing, and resuming your alerts is performed in the window that expands after clicking the alarm clock icon.

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