How do I visualize a company’s financials on my TradingView chart?

Updated on October 17, 2023

TradingView is a great aggregator of financial information. This is true of the platform when it comes to breaking economic news and historical financial data. The latter is pertinent, especially for those trading stock. The option to visualize company data is extensive on the TradingView platform.

Find the ‘Financials’ tabs in the top toolbar in the charting view. Click this tab to bring up the Financials window. This window allows you to search for a particular data point and filter by four categories: ‘Income statement’, ‘Balance sheet’, ‘Cash flow’, and ‘Statistics’. These four categories become important depending on the company you are analysing.

All major financial reporting values can be found on TradingView. The ‘Statistics’ tab is for your classic financial calculations such as price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-cashflow, market capitalisation, and float shares outstanding. Additionally, this tab also host more exotic measures such as Net income per employee, effective interest rate on debt, and Buyback yield percentage.

Once you select your financial data, it will appear in a new pane below your main chart. If you wish, the financial data can be integrated into the main chart, right-click the pane and select ‘Move To Exiting Pane Above’.

Additional options for customizing the display of the financial data is accessible via the same right-click or double-clicking the data within the pane. Here you can add an indicator, move the pane ordination, or access the in-depth customizing settings.

To expand the financial data to a full-screen view, double click the negative space in the data pane. Double click the negative space to return the pane to its original size.

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