How can I submit trading ideas and scripts on TradingView?

Updated on October 17, 2023

 As an open community of traders, all members are welcome to share ideas and scripts on the TradingView platform. For more information concerning the social and sharing aspects of TradingView, please visit How Can I Engage In The TradingView Community?


Sharing Ideas #

Sharing your trading ideas on TradingView is an excellent way to gather feedback from other community members. The process for sharing ideas alongside your charts is highly streamlined.


After performing your technical chart analysis, visit the blue ‘Publish’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You have the option to share the idea as a chart with an accompanying written text (‘Publish idea’) or with a video (‘Record video idea’). The former allows you to share the idea with a fully populated chart and accompanying text up to ~20,000 words. In contrast, the latter will enable you to share your idea as a video up to 20 minutes in length.



Sharing Scripts/ indicators #

Scripts are pieces of code controlling a chart indicator, written in Pine Script, a propriety coding language developed in-house at TradingView. To create and eventually share a script, you will have to understand basic coding principles and those specific to Pine Script. If you are interested in learning the Pine Script language, there are many online tutorials, including TradingView’s user manual. Notably, Pine Script was developed to be accessible and easy to learn.


Once you have developed a script to share with the Trading view community, there are several ways in which you can share it.


The easiest way to share a script is via the ‘Pine Editor’ tab on the bottom toolbar within a chart. You will find the ‘Publish Script’ button at the top right-hand corner of the Pine Editor Window. Please note, before your script is published for the community to access, a team of in-house moderators will have to validate your script and check for any egregious errors in the coding. After validation, your script can be made accessible to the whole community, or restricted to select members.


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