This week’s focus: 3 Central Bank Meeting Minutes

  • Traders are closely monitoring meeting minutes from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Federal Reserve (Fed), and the European Central Bank (ECB) this week, seeking crucial insights into monetary policy considerations.

Without many scheduled events occurring this week, traders will be focusing on the meeting minutes from the RBA, Fed, and the ECB. 

In Australia, the release of minutes from the RBA on Monday is anticipated to provide additional insights into the banks criteria for eventually initiating a shift towards easing monetary policy. China waking up after the Chinese New Year holidays last week, could also be a factor in the AUD this week. 

In the US, the release of FOMC meeting minutes on Wednesday is hoped to offer insights into the potential timing of future interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.  

These insights will be complemented by comments from various Fed officials throughout the week, which could likely reveal more than the minutes, including Bostic and Bowman on Wednesday, Jefferson, Harker, Cook, Kashkari, and Waller on Thursday. Bowman, Cook, Jefferson, and Waller are all FOMC voting members, so will likely exert the most influence. 

In Europe, the release of the ECB meeting minutes occurs on Thursday. A board consensus to postpone discussions on interest rate cuts could bolster buyer interest in the EUR. ECB President Christine Lagarde will then speak the following day. 

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