How to engage in the TradingView community?

Updated on October 25, 2023

TradingView is not just a phenomenal charting platform but also a community of 30M+ traders, ready to share ideas, strategies, and opinions.

You can engage in the community any way you see fit (or not engage at all). If you are feeling social, there are several options for you to engage with the TradingView community.

How to reach the community section of TradingView? #

The community sections of TradingView are easily accessible from the home page or while charting.

Hover over the ‘Community’ tab at the top of the Homepage to reveal your community options. Here you will find the categories: Ideas, Scripts, Streams, and More. Hover over each option to reveal even more granularity.

While charting, you can access the TradingView community via the toolbar that is positioned on the right-hand side of the screen. Here you will find, in addition to those found from the homepage community tab, Public and Private Chat functions, and Notifications. Click on the icons within the toolbar to extend the corresponding window.

Ways to engage with the TradingView Community? #


Thousands of ideas are shared on the platform every day, covering all manner of instruments. While browsing content that covers your favourite trading instruments, it is a good idea to like, comment, share, and subscribe to authors that pique your interest and offer interesting and usable analysis. Conveniently, if an author makes predictions on price movement, TradingView allows you to follow the idea to its conclusion and compare its accuracy.


While TradingView has an extensive list of indicators to use on its charts, some members find that they need specific, custom, or improved indicators. TradingView’s members have created thousands of indicators using the proprietary coding language ‘Pine Script’.

The TradingView team reviews all scripts that members’ submit before they become available to the community. It is advisable to scan the ‘Editors Picks’ page or search for the indicator you are interested in and take notice of the user reviews. User reviews can help you ascertain how well the community-driven scripts perform in the real world.


A new feature of TradingView is its streaming service. This is where you find expert traders willing to share their trading process and strategies. Live streams are consistently being held, with particular attention directed toward beginner tutorials.

How can I submit my own ideas and scripts, or run a stream? #

If you have a trading idea, an indicator, or a tutorial worth sharing, then TradingView is an open community. To learn how to submit ideas and scripts yourself, please visit How Can I Submit Ideas And Scripts?

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